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ul.Wedkarska 13
10-180 Olsztyn
Phone.: (089) 543-30-60
Fax: (089) 523-44-72

Our registration number and details:
KRS 0000239583
REGON 280049756
NIP 739-350-59-69

Our bank details:
Bank PEKAO S.A. I O/Olsztyn


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Nakarm Pajacyka - pomóż dzieciom
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Marcelek Z.

Marcelek Marcelek was born on the 18th of May 2000 in the 32nd week of the pregnancy. He was born without legs and without his left hand.

His parents did not love him. The court deprived them of custody. His mother died soon. Despite all that, Marcelek was able to make it through. However, he still has not found a home and a family. Marcelek, who calls himself Kubus, is confined to a wheelchair, however he learned even to climb the stairs. He is very bright for his age.

Till July 2006 he was staying in the social institution in Chelm. Afterwards, he has been transfered to the specialist centre in Mikolow.

Thanks our supporters, in particular people from the webpage: www.czarodziejka.com.pl, Marcelek has found his family in the USA. On the 7th of November 2006 the court has decided to allow new family to adopt Marcel. He has got a mother, a father and siblings and he will live in the USA. We wish you all the best!

Your friends ;)))
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